Hardwood Flooring – Repair and Maintenance

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One of the easiest types of flooring to maintain is hardwood flooring. It’s easy to sweep, wipe, or even with a dry cloth can be cleaned. Hardwood floor refinishing is still necessary at some point, as with time it will require a varnish reapplication or can even need a sanding, stripping, and administration of a new top-layer. Nevertheless, a well-maintained hardwood flooring can last for decades before needing a new refinishing, particularly in bedrooms as they usually have light foot transit. The simple aspect that hardwood flooring can be restored is one of its major conveniences, as for example compared with carpets they may need replacement after 10 years or so, while hardwood can last as much as the house.
Hardwood floor contractors JERRY J Hardwood Flooring have realized through experience that homeowners that have dogs, especially larger breeds have noticed that their toenails usually scrap flooring surfaces and hardwood, and they recommend keeping their pet’s nails trimmed or preventing them from entering in certain areas. For some persons, the tiny scars and nicks are wanted as they may give a special appearance and sense of personality that keeps changing with time. But the truth is that pets complicate somehow the maintenance of hardwood flooring.

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