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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Keep your floor in its shiny and strong splendor with our hardwood floor refinishing service in Arlington Heights for residential and commercial spaces. Enjoy our comprehensive dustless refinishing service in all stages, including stripping, buffing, and coating for a total work done all under affordable rates. 

Entrust your freshly installed flooring to our hardwood floor contractors in the Arlington Heights area and let them finish the job strong. Our refinishing service effectively wards off pests, increases the level of safety inside your property, and gives your flooring a beautiful look. This also provides a sustainable solution to prevent costly flooring replacements sooner than anticipated. At our company, we will give your flooring a new life. Glide safely across your floors with the promise of a strong surface for years to come. Give your home or commercial space a welcoming and vibrant ambiance with our hardwood flooring made available in Arlington Heights.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

What is hardwood floor refinishing?

Hardwood floor refinishing is a process of sanding down the top layer of a hardwood floor and then applying a new finish to restore its appearance and durability.

Is hardwood floor refinishing suitable for all types of hardwood floors?

While hardwood floor refinishing is generally applicable to most hardwood floors, the frequency of refinishing cycles depends on the thickness of the hardwood. Thicker hardwood floors can undergo refinishing more times compared to their thinner counterparts.

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