Everything You Need To Know About Hardwood Flooring

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Wood is a great organic, natural material, extremely versatile and great to make many products from. The properties of wood make it an exceptional choice to use for furniture and flooring. It is strong and durable, with the right treatment it can last for 50 years, if not longer. There are many different types of wood with different colors, the variation in color in the wood grain makes each product unique. If it is being used for doors, windows, or floors it is also a great insulator.

One enemy to your hardwood floors is the weather, overexposure to bright sunlight can cause the color in wood to change and fluctuations in the temperature and humidity during summer. Winter can also have an effect. In the winter, because there is less humidity and lower temperatures, the wood contracts, becoming smaller. This contraction can lead to gaps and cracks appearing between the wooden planks. In the summer when the temperatures and humidity rise, the wood expands and can buckle or show cupping.

During hardwood floor installation, your hardwood floor contractors, would have checked that your hardwood flooring was at a suitable humidity with your home, and when the floor was installed there would have been a specific area around the flooring left to allow it to expand during seasons of high humidity.

This is a natural expansion and contraction cycle that happens to wood throughout the year and not a fault within the wood, or a faulty product from the manufacturer. There are things you can do to control issues caused by this process.

  1. Check the moisture levels and temperature regularly.
  2. Install a humidifier.
  3. Maintain humidity between 35 and 50% and a temperature between 60 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit.
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