Dark vs light floors – pros and cons

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Hardwood flooring has always been popular throughout different homes in Arlington Heights. You might be torn between getting light or dark colors for your home. The following will talk about the different pros and cons of light and dark colors as your hardwood floors.

Dark hardwood floors can help the colors of your floor pop and add depth as well as contrast to the room. With this said, dark wood flooring is extremely photogenic, which makes them so popular. They are also great in hiding imperfections such as the gaps between boards, water stains, and knots. It would also work well with light wood cabinetry that you may have in your home. Some of the cons that dark hardwood flooring can have are it will show any scratches, animal hair, and dirt. It may also cost a bit more since it uses an extra layer of poly or sealant. Lastly, darker hardwood flooring can make a room look smaller, especially when you have a lot of furniture in the room. Before deciding to add dark wood flooring, ensure that you have adequate lighting.

On the other hand, light hardwood flooring provides a natural advantage of concealing dirt, scratches, and dents. It also lasts longer since they won’t need to be screened and recoated as frequently as dark wood flooring. Some of the drawbacks of this type of flooring are they won’t go with light wood cabinets. Floors with imperfections are more noticeable with light finishes such as gaps, water stains, and knots. If you have large windows and skylights, it may create a glaring and overexposed brightness.

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