How can I get my hardwood flooring shine again?

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Your hardwood flooring endures a daily basis of high heels, pet nails, shifting furniture, children’s toys, to name a few. No matter how tough your hardwood flooring is, their finish is still susceptible to scratches and scuffs. Even regular cleaning routines, incorrect store-bought products, and waxes can cause your floor to look dull and dirty. Our hardwood flooring company has listed some easy ways to bring their shine back to life if your hardwood flooring looks tired and dull. 

Polish your hardwood flooring.

If you are unsure about the type of your hardwood finish, conduct a test to see if your hardwood can be polished. Scrape off a tiny bit from an unnoticeable area with a blade. If the finish smudged and there’s no material that is scraped up, it should be waxed but not polished. If there is a clear material, you have a surface finish, and you can polish it. First, sweep or vacuum your floor to remove dust and dirt. Mop with a commercial wood floor solution. Using a flat-surface mop, work the polishing solution back and forth until you thoroughly coat the floor. Before moving all your belongings back and resuming in regular use, give at least a day to let the floor renew its shine. 

Follow proper cleaning tips to keep your hardwood flooring shiny.

    • Wipe up spills
    • Remove dirt daily
    • Damp-mop when the season change
    • Buff Dry
    • Consider Hardwood Floor Refinishing

No matter how careful you are, no finish on the hardwood floor lasts forever. Fortunately, instead of replacing your floor, solid hardwood can be refinished and resealed numerous times. Our hardwood floor refinishing can instantly make your hardwood flooring restore its shine and beauty once again.

Hire a professional hardwood floor contractor.

It is essential to consult the professionals to handle your hardwood floor. Our hardwood floor contractors offer a great deal of skill and the right equipment to complete any hardwood flooring task such as hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor replacement, and hardwood floor refinishing. 

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