Hardwood flooring and pets. Is it the right connection?


First of all, we need to stress it – don’t be afraid if the thought of having your brand new hardwood flooring and at the same time beloved pets scares you. You’re definitely not the only one that wonders about this risky connection. We assure you – these two can coexist happily together! The truth is that the flood is the thing that can cause the most harmful damages to your hardwood floors. It happens fairly rare. However, the second factor that mostly threatens your floor is… urine. Whether you want it or not, while having pets at home you won’t be able to avoid small puddles from time to time. It’s possible to resolve this problem. Remember – if you’ll wipe them up they’re still fresh, the problem gets diminished. Modern hardwood floor contractors take great care of covers and sealants that are constructed to resist such accidents. However, if you won’t wipe on time, the urine can decompose and the corrosion can eventually appear. It’s possible to avoid this situations, but vigilance is more than required! The key word here is speed. What about pet toenail-scratches? Thankfully, they’re quite unlikely to be the reason for permanent damage to your beautiful hardwood flooring. Even when the damage goes through the covering layer up to the proper wood, mostly it can be sanded out. There are many hardwood floor refinishing contractors that handle witch such a problem, however, you’ll have to be prepared for spending your precious time and money. One is sure – you’re hardwood floors won’t look like brand new forever. Even with one or two scratches, they’ll still be the integral and elegant part of your home.

Here’s how you can protect your floors from unpleasant accidents caused by your pets:

  1. Use more finish layer – if your finish layer is sufficient, the scratches will be in the superficial plastic, not in the proper part of the wood. In such situation, you can refill coat layer and gradually improve scratches look. 
  2. Remember about using tougher hardwood floor coat – there are many brands of finishes. Read about all of available types and pick up the one that will give your floor the utmost protection. 
  3. Replace temporary finish – you can do it on your own! If you’re not confident about your finish condition, do it as quickly as it’s possible. 
  4. Use rugs and runners – most traffic-worn areas need additional protection. At the same time, rugs and runners will be great place to perch for your puppy.
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