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If you’re in the middle of a remodel or the time has come for hardwood floor refinishing in Skokie, Jerry J Hardwood Flooring is the clear choice. For years, Jerry J Hardwood Flooring has provided homeowners with high-quality flooring service at great prices. Our hardwood floor contractors in Skokie, IL are the best around. Each member of our team is fully trained, certified, and licensed to ensure consistent service. Skilled contractors mean guaranteed top-quality hardwood floor installation in Skokie every time! Additionally, we offer a wide array of services to meet your needs. Our hardwood floor contractors in Skokie can handle installation, refinishing, repairs, and more! No matter what you’re in the market for, we can create a custom solution to meet your needs. We also offer affordable rates and begin each project with our free estimate. Jerry J Hardwood Flooring – hardwood floor refinishing Skokie, IL, done right!


The perfect hardwood floor installation in Skokie begins with a huge selection of materials and styles. That’s why Jerry J Hardwood Flooring has one of the most impressive showcases in the business. Our Jerry Hardwood Floor Contractors Skokie, IL will guide you through the entire process, as well! We’ll start with our various species of hardwood flooring in Skokie. From the premium, durable Brazilian hardwood to more affordable options like pine, we’ve got an option for everyone. Next, we’ll help you choose the right finish for your hardwood floor installation in Skokie. Depending upon the style of your home and its foot traffic, we’ve got several options to choose from. Our talented hardwood floor contractors in Skokie, IL can even handle unique custom options, including ornamental accents and distressing. When you choose Jerry J Hardwood Flooring, you’re doing much more than installing the best hardwood flooring in Skokie. You’re also getting access to a team of professionals fully dedicated to providing you with unforgettable customer service and personalized solutions.


Choose Real Professionals For the Best Hardwood Flooring in Skokie

Hardwood flooring has the magic to add a timeless appeal to any residential or commercial space. More so, it increases the value of any property. When it comes to hardwood flooring services in Skokie, trust our company to deliver the work.

We have amazing hardwood floor contractors in our team to give your flooring the durability and beauty you desire. We focus on providing high-quality services and products for sustainable installation or refinishing work that lasts a long time. On top of our reliable performance, we make sure to keep our services highly affordable for the convenience of our clients.

With a home in dire need of a revamp, choose to hire our company to provide the hardwood floor installation for you. Our hardwood floor contractors Skokie have years of experience in the industry, enabling them to perform with the level of expertise you are looking for. We use premium materials and apply modern techniques to finish the work as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our hardwood flooring Skokie will surely add a nice, comfortable, and homey touch to your residential space. We also cater to commercial properties in the local suburbs. Give your home or office a professional upgrade with our hardwood floor installation Skokie.

Our company provides excellent hardwood floor refinishing around the Skokie suburbs. Our hardwood floor contractors have the expertise to perform professional hardwood floor refinishing for your residence or commercial space at reasonable prices. Enjoy shinier, safer, and well-protected floors with no worries about your pet leaving scratch marks on your freshly refinished floorings.

We highly recommend local residents in the area avail themselves of our hardwood floor refinishing before their flooring requires a complete replacement. In doing so, they can save on costs and maintain the great look of their hardwood flooring Skokie. Contact our company anytime for an appointment.

Why Choose Our Hardwood Flooring Contractors Skokie


We give you the guarantee, that with us you will always get the best price on hardwood flooring Skokie. The price you’ll be quoted on the initial design is the price you pay. Try the best hardwood floor installation Skokie for your wallet. No surprises. No hidden fees.

Professional Hardwood Floor Contractors Skokie and Qualified Craftsmen

Our team members are committed to excellence in everything that they do. You can be sure to count on us for high-quality workmanship, efficient progress and professionalism. Our highly skilled flooring contractors are the key to our success.

Personalized Hardwood Flooring Skokie Solutions

You can be assured that the work we perform will meet your expectations and will be completed to your satisfaction. Let our hardwood experienced flooring contractors take your project from concept to completion in no time and on a budget.

Projects Completed
On Time

There is some situation where it may take some time to complete a hardwood flooring project. Our hardwood flooring contractors in Skokie, IL will make sure to work with your schedule. We will make sure that we’ll plan ahead to achieve the planned schedule that we have set for you.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Our hardwood flooring company in Skokie, IL top priority is our customer’s satisfaction. We take pride in our craftsmanship and materials to ensure that we provide the highest quality of service. We will make sure that your hardwood flooring would look beautiful and will last you for years!

Ready for Any Floor and Any Budget

Our hardwood flooring contractors Skokie, IL can handle any type of floors. We will work with your budget and make sure that it would not break our customer’s bank account. Our company provides the highest quality of work at an affordable price.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Skokie,
IL 5 Sings You Need It

Scratches and Dents

It is not possible to prevent wood floors from getting scratches. Unlike vinyl and tile, walking on hardwood floors creates small scratches due to friction. Hardwood floor refinishing is needed when small scratches spread into a wider area of your floor.

You’re Ready to Sell

Planning to sell your home anytime soon? Jerry J Hardwood Flooring will help you turn your home into an eye-catching property listing. With a newly refinished floor, your home will sell faster than when it has distasteful old floors.


Old wood floors will show gray discoloration over time. Our hardwood floor contractors in Skokie will do an excellent job turning your old floors into new ones again through expert refinishing.

Water Damage

Hardwood doesn’t go well with water. Water damage leads hardwood flooring to an unrepairable state.


Sun damage is among the reasons why you should have your hardwood floors refinished.

Benefits Of Jerry J
Hardwood Flooring Skokie, IL

When seeking the best hardwood flooring Skokie has to offer, look no further than Jerry J Flooring. We offer more than just a fantastic selection of hardwood flooring, including providing a wide variety of flooring services to suit your needs. We offer hardwood flooring installation Skokie residents have raved about, whether it be for your home or your office. Our hardwood flooring contractors Skokie will also transform your existing floors from worn-out to shining bright with expert hardwood floor refinishing. Skokie’s number one choice for high-end hardwood flooring services is Jerry J Flooring.

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