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      Premium, Affordable Hardwood Flooring in Evanston

      At Jerry J Hardwood Flooring Contractors in Evanston, we provide high-quality flooring services for all your hardwood needs. If your floors are getting a bit old or worn down, let our hardwood floor contractors in Evanston, IL handle your refinishing. If you’re in the middle of a remodel, consider a brand-new hardwood floor installation in Evanston. Hardwood provides a timeless aesthetic unmatched by any other flooring. When it comes to hardwood flooring in Evanston, quality matters. That’s why Jerry J Hardwood Flooring hires only the most skilled and experienced hardwood floor contractors in Evanston, IL. Our entire team is guaranteed to be fully qualified for any flooring job you need. Furthermore, we work with cutting-edge technology and incredible materials to provide beautiful, long-lasting hardwood flooring in Evanston. All these services are now more accessible than ever, thanks to our incredibly affordable prices! Get your free estimate and start picking out your ideal hardwood flooring in Evanston today!

      Quality and Customer Service By Jerry J Hardwood Flooring Contractors in Evanston, IL

      Hardwood lends an unmistakable class and elegance to any home. That’s why Jerry J Hardwood Flooring is committed to using the highest quality hardwood flooring in Evanston for all our projects. Your hardwood floor installation in Evanston begins with your huge selection of styles and wood species. From white oak to maple to the durable Brazilian hardwood, we’ve got the style for you. Come in and let our hardwood floor contractors in Evanston, IL guide you through our impressive selection. If you’re considering hardwood floor refinishing in Evanston, we’ve also got a variety of customizable options. Choose your finish and consider adding some custom touches. Our highly qualified hardwood floor contractors in Evanston can make your home one of a kind with ornamental carpentry and distressed flooring. Finally, your hardwood floor installation in Evanston will be handled professionally. We’ll remain in constant communication to make sure you love the way your home looks.

      Our Hardwood Flooring Evanston Services

      For the Best Hardwood Flooring Evanston Choose Jerry J

      Hardwood flooring  is a contemporary element to most homes and other spaces no matter the generation. Additionally, it ups the value of your house. We offer the best roster of hardwood floor contractors Evanston who skillfully see through the right installation for your property. We provide affordable rates and impeccable services under our hardwood floor installation expertise. 

      As you should expect, we also repair and service old hardwood flooring Evanston to give it that fresh makeover. Give us a call or send us an email and let us know what service we may offer. We are here for you anytime. Contact us!

      Hardwood flooring is a must-try if you want to add that extra “oomph” to your house decor. It gives a cozy feel with that smooth texture and hygienic, comfortable atmosphere. Installation is handled by our expert hardwood contractors Evanston who work precisely and efficiently.

      Precise measurements are taken by our team who will then install the hardwood flooring of your choice, including the color and texture. Our installation method is prompt and keen. You can expect a fresh, beautiful flooring to rest your feet on and add that extra eye candy for your house that everyone will appreciate.

      Our hardwood floor contractors have vast experience in performing hardwood floor refinishing at affordable rates. As an established company, we recommend our clients to get our refinishing services in lieu of spending a fortune on replacements. With our expertise, we can make your hardwood flooring look new again and help you make affordable and informed decisions for your current flooring project. 

      We will give your floors the proper treatment it deserves, completing the process with stripping, buffing, and coating. Experience our professional work and witness our detailed hardwood refinishing Evanston service. Call us today!

      Key Features of Our Hardwood Flooring Services

      Experienced and Professional Flooring Contractors

      We hand pick our contractors and make sure that every single one of them is a highly skilled craftsman and really cares about getting the details done right. Our team is passionate about delivering an exceptional hardwood floor installation.

      Versatility for Any Floor or Budget

      In our location in Evanston, we have versatility for any floor or budget. We make sure that your floor needs would be within your planned budget and very flexible with your floor choices.

      Quality Flooring at Affordable Prices

      We have quality flooring at affordable prices at our location in Evanston. The materials that we use are high-quality and can last for a long period of time that won't hurt your wallet.

      Professional customer service

      It all begins with our professional customer service that will assist you in all matters. We listen carefully to your needs and work with you to achieve your preference, plans, and choices for your hardwood flooring project in Evanston.

      High-Quality Tools and Materials

      We use high-quality tools and materials for your hardwood floors. Our flooring company in Evanston uses best solid hardwood which is durable. We also make sure to choose the perfect stain to last for years to come.

      Timely Project Completion

      Our flooring company always completes all the projects on time and according to your schedule. This doesn't mean that we'll rush the work. We simply combine the quality with timely delivery you expect.


      Daryl C. Milan

      They provided excellent service in hardwood floor refinishing in one of our properties in Evanston, IL. The workers arrived on time, and the outcome was fantastic! 

      Maria R. Cabrera

      I had our carpet replaced with hardwood flooring, and so far, this is the best improvement we’ve done. The contractors carried out the hardwood floor installation in Evanston, IL, professionally and were satisfied with how it looked.