How to keep your hardwood flooring in top shape?

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When you invest in hardwood floor installation, you expect it to last if not for ages then at least for several decades. So, after mere few years, you feel like being scammed because that precious oak, maple, cherry, etc. under your feet starts deteriorating. Well, you most likely got high quality product but without knowing how to take care of a hardwood floor properly, you might inadvertently cause some damage.

 It’s always better to prevent than cure, so to avoid premature floor refinishing or repair, follow some simple tips, which will allow you to enjoy great looking hardwood floors for many years. First step consists of regular sweeping or dust moping (preferably daily). It’s tempting to use wet or steam-mop for better results but hold your horses. Actually, moisture isn’t very friendly for hardwood floors and can do more harm than good, dulling finish or even damaging the wood.

Simple tips to make your hardwood floors look great and last long

On weekly basis vacuum your floors, using a setting and nozzles designed specifically for that purpose to avoid scratches. Every month or so, clean hardwood floor with recommended cleaner. Cutting corners with use of detergent for tile or vinyl is pretty bad idea as it may result in damage. Last but not least, Every 3 to 5 years apply maintenance coat.

Taking care of your floors doesn’t sound like a rocket science, huh? But not so fast. Maintenance is all nice and well but you should also think of your everyday habits. Walking in high heels as well as sport cleats over a hardwood floor is a great no-no. The same goes for moving heavy furniture that doesn’t have protective felt pads on its legs. If you follow simple tips described above, you may rest assured that you won’t need and hardwood floor refinishing earlier than in the next couple of decades.

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